Search for Marine Science and Technology Projects Funded at National level.
A list of the Marine Science and Technology projects, competitively funded by the individual MarinERA partners in 13 European countries, is available online for consultation through search engine tools.

MarinERA is an ERA-net partnership of leading Marine Research Funding Organisations. Currently, the MarinERA partners fund over 900 competitive marine research projects worth over € 275 million in grant-aid to their national research communities. This funding is additional to the funding allocated directly by national governments to public research institutions and to the higher education sector. Therefore, the database does not give a complete overview of all national marine projects funded in the MarinERA countries.

Warning: The Pilot MarinERA Marine Research Projects Database does not necessarily contain all marine research projects funded by the MarinERA Partner Institutions. Interested researchers are therefore advised to consult the project databases hosted separately by the National Marine Research Funding Organisations.

More information on the MarinERA project and participating funding organizations is available on the MarinERA website:

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